Pet Therapy Feedback statement:

Pet Therapy Feedback statement: The University of Derby Online Learning (UDOL) wished to support and recognize Mental Health Awareness Week [16 – 20 May 2016.] After researching the psychology benefits of Pet Therapy, the Wellbeing team invited Danielle Mills and her PAT dog ‘Winehouse’ on-campus. Our members of staff were instantly enthusiastic and the available sessions were soon filled up. Winehouse was not a disappointment; she was very well behaived and brought plenty of joy to those who met her. Danielle was very informative and brought a great sense of calm and composure to the session. Participants reported feeling any anxieties diminished, a great sense of wellbeing and an overwhelm

Winehouse and Pony Partnerships at University of Derby Online's Wellbeing Week 2016

Winehouse and I were at UDOL last week for Mental Health Awareness Week 2016. Please see the video below for some highlights! Staff could book in for 10 minute slots to spend some time with Winehouse in order to lower their stress levels and boost their happiness levels! Smith et al. (2014) found that the presence of dogs at work had a positive impact on human emotions, specifically stress and happiness, as well as physical well-being, including blood pressure and oxytocin levels. There is support for bringing an animal into the office. Due to the stigma of mental ill health, many people are disinclined to engage in counselling. Research shows that interacting with a therapy dog has positive

With the controversial decision to axe Natasha Devon's role of children’s mental health champion

With the controversial decision to axe Natasha Devon's role of children’s mental health champion, you may wonder how the Government plans to support the mental health of our children and young people. Natasha said in The Guardian: ( that a therapist once told her that “everybody has the real them, and the person that they present to the world. For some people, the gap between the two is narrow...For some people the gap is that big. The space between those two people is where mental health issues arise, so the wider the gap, the bigger the chance that something’s going to happe

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