Applying the skills learned in equine therapy to everyday life

The principles that apply to building a relationship with a horse transfer to healthy human relationships. Working with horses can this can be a more safe way to address relational difficulties that can later be transferred to other people. People often repeat patterns of relating when working with a horse; the non-judgemental response of the horse can make it easier for clients to identify how they create those same problems in relationship with themselves and others, taking appropriate responsibility for the relationships in their lives. This process can help people to address and move through past or present damaging life circumstances, understand how those circumstances affect their cur

Tranference and Projection in Equine Therapy

The terms transference and projection are constructs employed by the psychodynamic tradition of psychology to describe a particular aspect of the therapeutic relationship (Cobb, 2015). Transference and countertransference are phenomena related to projection that occur naturally for every client and every therapist (Rothschild, 1993). It is important to note that transference and projection are neither good nor bad; like all feelings, they just are. Transference not only occurs in therapy, but in all of our relationships. In therapy it has the advantage that we can utilize it for growth (Rothschild, 1993). Transference has been defined as ‘the client’s experience of the therapist that is sha

The Importance of Body-Based Awareness in Equine Therapies

Working with horses requires a very different way of communicating and relating than humans may be used to. Brandt (2004) argues that humans and horses co-create a language system by way of the body to facilitate the creation of shared meaning. Within this relationship, the client must use their body to generate a communication style to which the horse can respond.Horses, in general, have highly sensitive bodies because their bodies are their way of communicating (Brandt, 2004). As humans become more effective with their body awareness and better able to attune to the horse’s body to understand what is being communicated to them, horse and human are able to engage in a two-way conversation

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