Pony Rescue - CAUTION: graphic photos

I am lucky enough to be based at the Horse Rescue that I volunteer at, Moo Haven in Sandiacre.

We have recently had Columbo come into our care. Columbo is a very sad example of some of the horses that Moo Haven rescue. Columbo came in in a very emaciated and depressed state, with some trauma to one of his eyes. It has cost Moo Haven over £1000 in veterinary bills so far to get Columbo the medical attention he so desperately needed. He is now recuperating with one of our foster families and has barely stopped eating since he arrived!

Not all of the horses that come into Moo Haven arrive in such circumstances; some are prevention cases where family circumstances have changed, some have been abandoned and some are horses that we have rehomed that need to return - any horse that we take will always have a home at Moo Haven.

We are very luck to have Joe Parker on board who works with the horses that come in to rehabilitate them ready to find their forever homes. Joe offers a no result, no charge service and has yet to find a horse that he cannot help.

My horse Paddy came in unmanageable and unrideable - Joe worked with him tirelessly to rebuild his trust and reduce his fear - he is now far from unmanageable and I am moving towards riding him by continuing with the work that Joe started. Paddy is an amazing horse who has come a long way and is an excellent therapy horse.

If you are able to support the important work that Moo Haven do, please click on the donate button at the bottom of my page!

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