Winehouse and Pony Partnerships at University of Derby Online's Wellbeing Week 2016

Winehouse and I were at UDOL last week for Mental Health Awareness Week 2016. Please see the video below for some highlights!

Staff could book in for 10 minute slots to spend some time with Winehouse in order to lower their stress levels and boost their happiness levels!

Smith et al. (2014) found that the presence of dogs at work had a positive impact on human emotions, specifically stress and happiness, as well as physical well-being, including blood pressure and oxytocin levels. There is support for bringing an animal into the office.

Due to the stigma of mental ill health, many people are disinclined to engage in counselling. Research shows that interacting with a therapy dog has positive psychological effects, including decreasing symptoms of depression and anxiety (Sanford, 2015)

Sanford, M.D. (2015) ‘Campus tails: an on=campus therapy-dog pilot program and feasibility question.’ Dissertation Abstracts International: Section B: The Sciences and Engineering, 76(6-B)(E).

Smith, T.M., Forman, A., Harvey, D.M., and Bosco, S.M. (2014) “En-Dogue”: a look at the presence of canines in the workpace and their effect on productivity. Proceedings for the Northeast Region Decision Sciences Institute(NEDSI). p456-465.

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