Pony Partnerships launches 'Emma's Fund' to support young people affected by eating disorders 

Today, I had the bittersweet privilege of meeting Emma's dad. Emma tragically lost her life to anorexia this month after a battle lasting many years. I met Emma back in 2012 when her recovery was having an upward trajectory so was devastated to learn that this had not continued.

Emma's friends and family donated money in her memory at her funeral. Emma loved horses, and this led Emma's family to learn about Pony Partnerships.

The money that has been donated will start 'Emma's Fund'. Emma's Fund will provide bursaries to allow young people affected by eating disorders to access specialist equine therapies as part of their treatment. Pony Partnerships will continue to fundraise in order to allow this fund to continue in Emma's memory. Her family hope that this can help others avoid suffering as they did.

If you think that you, or someone you know, could benefit from Emma's Fund, then please contact us for more details. We ask that the person be under the age of 24 and currently affected by disordered eating.

If you would like to donate to Emma's Fund, to help us continue this work, then please contact us for more details.

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