Experiential day for Art Therapists

Last week we ran an experiential equine assisted psychotherapy day for the British Association of Art Therapists for their Creative Arts Therapists Day. No previous horse or riding experience was required.

Main topics of focus:

• Why horses?

• How can horses add depth to the therapeutic space?

• How can we incorporate creativity into equine therapy?

The aim was for therapists to gain:

• Reflective and active experiences with our horses

• Practical insight into the field of EFP/L

• Profound and personal experiences for self-reflection and personal growth

Feedback was that the content and facilitation was very good and that facilitators were very knowledgeable and were able to share this knowledge at a level that the delegates could engage with. Delegates were pleased that they not only learned about Equine Facilitated Therapy, but came away with far more understanding about horses in general.

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