Psychodynamic Equine Assisted Trauma Therapy (PEATT) intensive training with Ilka Parent

Danielle and Michaela have had a wonderful experience at Hearts, Minds and Horses (Michelle, Hitt with Minds-n-Motion (Ilka Parent, on an intensive training focusing on the fundamentals of Psychodynamic Equine Assisted Trauma Therapy. This Pyschodynamic Equine Assisted Trauma Therapy intensive training is facilitated by Clinical Psychotherapist Ilka Parent, DeGPT Trauma Therapist and founder of Minds-n-Motion. We learned about: - the Fundamentals of Psychodynamic Equine Assisted Trauma Therapy (PEATT) - assessing and differentially diagnosing Posttraumatic stress reactions and disorders. - the specific treatment approach and techniques to Acute Posttraumatic Stress Disorders and Crisis Intervention, non-complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorders and complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorders in both theoretical presentations as well as with hands-on experiences. We had an amazing time with some incredible people and cannot wait to integrate this invaluable experience into our practice.

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